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Land Services

Whether you have a potential developement site or already have planning approved we are here to help

Planning Required?

ADDIS HOMES have a comprehensive supply chain of planning professionals helping us to maximise your plot. ADDIS HOMES often find rivals 'cheap' the planning process, this strategy often ends with a flat-out refusal potentially ruining the chances of gaining an approval in the future.

ADDIS HOMES on the other hand focuses on bespoke up front due diligence before taking the site into planning. Planning is without doubt the riskiest part of the entire development process. For example, what are the tree constraints, is the site within the future 1 in 100 yr. flood risk, are there heritage or conservation issues, is the site near SSSI, will the site need a biodiversity report, how does the access and parking work from a highways perspective, ultimately the list goes on.

Our vast experience in planning and the use of the very best consultants means before the site progresses into planning we already have a high degree of confidence and knowledge of the site constraints. With this confidence ADDIS HOMES can warrant the instruction of leading architects and consultants to increase the probability of securing planning. This is a tactic rarely seen adopted by our competitors.

To find out more about the planning process and how we can offer you the very best price for your land please get in touch today.

Planning already approved?

If you already have the benefit of planning in hand ADDIS HOMES will be eager to discuss your site in detail.


ADDIS HOMES have an open book policy when it comes to valuing your site. The company is cash rich and will purchase any site upfront or work with the landowner to achieve an even better return through a Joint Venture.

Site Purchase
It may be the case that ADDIS HOMES consider the site has not been fully maximised, if so, ADDIS HOMES can illustrate the extra value the land owner could gain through re-planning the site.
Alternatively, if the site has been maximised ADDIS HOMES are always ready to make a swift transaction.

Providing ADDIS HOMES can demonstrate a significantly better return to the land owner than a straight forward site purchase, you may also be interested to hear how are partnership schemes work.

If you want to find out more about our land partnership strategies, please click below.